Sunday, June 21, 2015

Physician Leadership Forum at the Health Forum/AHA Leadership Summit

If you'll be at the Health Forum/AHA Leadership Summit in San Francisco, CA, then don't miss the Physician Leadership Forum meeting on July 25.

To understand how the governance of physician-led organizations is different, and similar, to that of health care systems, the AHA’s Center for Healthcare Governance and Physician Leadership Forum, with generous support from Hospira, Inc., undertook a study to examine governance structures and functions in a diverse set of physician organizations—entities designed to engage physicians in the leadership, governance and decision-making of the clinical care enterprise. The study is among the first to explore this work from the perspective of physicians, including the issues and challenges they face in the evolution of physician involvement in governance and leadership.

This session is brought to you through collaboration between the American Hospital Association’s (AHA) Physician Leadership Forum and the Center for Healthcare Governance.

You can learn more about this upcoming event here:

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