Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Job Posting: Protocol Review Board Chair

Job Posting: Protocol Review Board Chair (Medical)
Western Institutional Review Board

The WIRB Copernicus Group (WCG) is a dynamic organization dedicated to leading the way in the delivery of ethical review services for the research community. We have an exciting opportunity for a Protocol Review Board Chair/Vice Chair (Medical) to join our team in Puyallup Washington.

Provide the highest possible support to the organizations ethical review and research safety programs in areas and issues requiring medical training and judgment. This most commonly involves the Institutional Review Board, but may involve areas such as biosafety, data safety, and others.

* Chair Board meetings to ensure compliance with federal and state laws and IRB policies and procedures and facilitate discussion from Board Members. Provide scientific, ethical and regulatory support and advice to Board members
* Assist in resolution of disagreements between Board members.
* Analyze and present protocols and other agenda items at Board meetings to facilitate informed decision making, and to set standards and role model effective presentation and discussion for all Board members.
* Analyze research submissions, identify problems and issues, collect additional information or request corrections, and draft memoranda.
* Research, draft, and present reports to the Board on a wide range of topics.
* Convey the Boards concerns with the research submission by composing written correspondence to investigators and sponsors.
* Identify and assist in the resolution of problematic review items, through interaction with investigators and other IRB clients,
* Perform or assist in performance of expedited review, making appropriate decisions on behalf of the Board, and review of unanticipated problems, research subject complaints involving medical issues, etc.

* Advise clients of applicable scientific information and regulations pertaining to human subject research, both orally and in writing.
* Analyze requests for exemption determinations and provide formal written opinions
* Provide guidance to clients to help resolve scientific, ethical and regulatory issues and difficulties

* Research current scientific understanding and regulations pertaining to human subject safety and research-related issues.

* Masters, PhD, MD, DO, and six (6) or more years related experience
* Ability to analyze and interpret common scientific and technical journals, financial reports, and legal documents.
* Ability to effectively present information.
* Strong mathematical skills and familiarity with concepts such as probability and statistics.
* Ability to apply principles of logical or scientific thinking to a wide range of intellectual and practical problems.
* Knowledge of MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook and MS Windows.

* Prior experience in medical research with a focus on medical ethics is highly preferred.
* Fluency in at least one foreign language or familiarity with at least two foreign languages is desirable.

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