Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Medical Students: Apply for the Doximity Ambassador Program

Applications Open for 2013-2014 Doximity Ambassador Program

Doximity is seeking driven, articulate medical student leaders interested in health care technology and innovation to act as Ambassadors on their medical school campuses.

Ambassadors will serve as liaisons between their student body and the Doximity product to bring energy and knowledge to their campuses. A handful of standout medical students will be selected to participate in the program for the duration of the school year. Ambassadors will have the opportunity to host exciting events on campus, collaborate with top physicians in their fields of interest, publish work on the Doximity website in front of 190,000 members, receive sweet swag and prizes, and more.

Ambassadors are expected to be motivated self-starters passionate about health care technology. We understand your time is precious and emphasize quality efforts over toilsome projects. Your involvement will directly impact how Doximity meets the needs of all U.S. medical students.

Doximity Ambassadors will:
  • Act as on-campus liaisons and evangelists.
  • Facilitate events with classmates and other members of their healthcare community.
  • Get matched with a Doximity mentor from an elite group of medical leaders and health technology experts.
  • Contribute to Doximity news articles, blog postings, and more - a great chance to be published!
  • Gain unique health tech leadership experience to add to your CV and background.
Those interested in applying should click "Apply" below. Submit your application no later than Thursday, August 29th. Finalists will be contacted to set up a phone interview on a rolling basis. Please contact ambassador@doximity.com with any questions or for more information.

*Doximity is the leading professional network in healthcare with over 25% of all U.S. physicians and medical students as members. Doximity Ambassadorship spans one academic year (2013-14). You must be a medical student at an accredited U.S. medical school to apply.

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