Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Life Sciences Angel Network (LSAN) and Elsevier Business Intelligence

Don't miss the Third Annual MedTech Conference by LSAN & Elsevier Business Intelligence

June 6, 2013
New York City


The main reasons and motivations for building company for a long haul or build-to-flip strategies will be discussed based on two Case Studies, presented by seasoned executives who explored both paths, willingly or not. They will answer hard questions about the best exit strategy:
  • When should an entrepreneur make the decision whether to build for the long haul or just flip the company early?
  • Does the strategy change over time and why?
  • What factors affect any decision: the blurry lines of regulatory approval, the funding crunch, lack of talent, desire to grow rich faster, attention deficit disorder?
Investors and Exit Partners:
Recent changes in the regulatory and investment environment are prompting both start-ups and their investors to find new ways to continue the process of delivering innovative solutions to improve our health and find cures for specific conditions.
  • Start-Up Aiming Big: What do you like (or not) about it?
  • Funding Your Portfolio Company: How much longer?
  • “Buying Early” vs. “Buying Expensive”: Myths and truths from both sides
  • Show Me The Money: how to generate interest from an investor or a buyer?
  • Buyers Remorse: What goes into decision-making process when buying a company?
  • Non-Accretive Deals: Do they ever make sense of a big company?
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