Friday, May 31, 2013

Featured Job Post: Head of Partnerships and Endorsements

Don't miss this Featured Job Post:  Head of Partnerships and Endorsements  at Medikidz (New York, New York)

The ideal candidate will be a Medical Doctor, who has transitioned or is looking to transition into a commercial role. We seek someone who has an interest in helping children with a confident and diligent work attitude and a gregarious personality.

Job Responsibilities:

Identify and define key Patient Associations, Charities and Professional Bodies to build relationships for the Medikidz Brand

Contribute to driving new business by liaising with Charities, Hospitals, Key Opinion Leaders, Specialist Nurses and Case Study Families and Children

Head the Medikidz Youth Advisory Board with responsibilities including: Identifying children affected by various medical conditions to participate in monthly forums. Working with the children to gather feedback regarding the Medikidz titles and influencing the direction of Medikidz brand

Sales to non-pharma agencies

Medikidz believes that every child deserves access to medical information that they can understand.
We are creating a global community of young people who are informed, empowered and health aware.

Medikidz is the world's first company dedicated to providing medical information for young children. Through a series of over 50 graphic novels, we explain medical information to children and their families in a way that they can understand. All of our content is written by doctors and peer reviewed by leading specialists and we work with patients and patient associations to ensure that our content is not only medically correct but relevant to the experiences that patients go through.

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