Monday, October 8, 2012

Online MBA in Healthcare Management

My wife went to Drexel for medical school, so I like to mention some of their other programs (even though I'm enrolled in an MBA through a different school).

Drexel offers an Online MBA in Healthcare Management. Several years ago when I was researching MBA programs, I don't recall seeing this on their website. Perhaps I missed it, or may be it's a new program. Actually, I bet this used to the their Online MBA in "Pharmaceutical" Management and they probably renamed the program to have broader appeal to the entire healthcare community. That would make a lot of sense in my opinion.

In any case, this online MBA is a specialized, cohorted program that was developed together with industry representatives. The custom program is designed for professionals in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries to help achieve new understanding and advance your career by integrating business strategy with science and technology and the unique perspective of the industry.

You can learn more about the Drexel Online MBA in Healthcare Management here.

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