Friday, October 12, 2012

MM&M 2012 Career & Salary Survey

Every year, Medical Marketing & Media conducts a salary survey among executives working in the pharmaceutical industry. The 26th MM&M Career & Salary Survey reports average salaries are slightly outpacing inflation, up 2.8% to 132.6K and just below 2007's high of 133.7K.

According to their survey, Medical Directors have an average salary of $176,700 which is up 7.1%. With an n=17 medical directors, this is a relatively small sample.

The online survey was emailed to more than 40,000 executives employed in pharmaceuticals, healthcare marketing and related fields, encompassing manufacturers, agencies, media companies and service suppliers/vendors, during August and September.

Of the 994 qualified respondents: 403 are employed by manufacturers (pharma, biotech, devices, diagnostics), 345 by agencies, 77 work in healthcare media and 88 for suppliers/vendors; 524 are male and 470 are female; and the average age is 43 years.

You can read about the survey here and access the complete report here (PDF).

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