Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What do these entrepreneurial physicians have in common?

I meant to write this several months ago, but this is what happens when you're busy juggling too many things in your life (yes, that would be me).

Back in the spring, I had the opportunity to spend time in California with a bunch of entrepreneurial physicians. I met some very interesting people, including (partial list):

Dr. David Albert - founder of AliveCor and the iPhone ECG
Dr. Alex Blau and Dr. Brad Cohn - founders of MediBabble
Dr. Elise Singer - founder of ShareTheVisit
Dr. Nate Gross - a co-founder of Rock Health
Dr. Natalie Hodge - founder of Healthergy
Dr. Felasfa Wodajo - a co-founder of iMedicalApps
Dr. Daniel Kraft - founder of StemCor Systems, RegenMed Systems, and the MarrowMiner
Dr. Alan Greene - founder of DrGreene.com
Dr. Tom Lee - founder of One Medical Group
Dr. Jordan Shlain - founder of Current Health Medical Group

So, where was I? I was at the Doximity Leadership Summit in California. (If you're not familiar with Doximity, read this)

There are a growing number of entrepreneurial physicians out there who are finding ways to take their innovative ideas to market. It's both inspiring and humbling to be connected with such individuals. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, get connected with the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs (SoPE).

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