Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Junior health IT consultants working in hospitals

Stoltenberg Consulting, a leading healthcare information technology consulting firm, has a junior health IT consultant program that has been placing a number of junior-level health IT professionals in hospitals. This approach has been helping to address some of the health IT worker shortage that hospitals have been facing. Stoltenberg officially launched their junior consulting program a few months ago and it's been gaining significant traction. In a previous press release, Sheri Stoltenberg, CEO of Stoltenberg Consulting, Inc. said: "With hospitals facing strict timelines for complying with government-mandated technology standards, the pressure is on to maximize resources effectively. We designed our Junior Consultant Program to directly address these challenges with a cost-effective solution that allows all types of facilities - small or large - to achieve these standards with a team of well-qualified, expertly trained consultants."

Hospitals have the option to permanently hire the Junior Consultant following the completion of their one-year contract.

If you're interested in learning more about the Junior Consultant Program, contact Stoltenberg Consulting. This could be a good way to break into the health IT industry, especially if you lack formal working experience.

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