Tuesday, July 3, 2012

For those who never completed medical school...

The following is a guest post by Jim Kelly

Some of the folks who visit NonClinicalJobs.com did not have a chance to complete medical school. In some cases, they dropped out because they concluded that they would rather work in business (or some other industry) rather than medicine. In other cases, they could not finish medical school for a variety of other reasons. So, if you never completed medical school - this post's for you.

You may not have completed medical school, but at least you finished college, so you're ahead of the game. Traditional professional jobs still require a college degree of some kind, so how do you plan to leverage your college education? Do you plan to work your way to the top of a company? Are you an entrepreneur who will start your own company? Your employer will look at your resume when considering you for a management or executive role.  

There are a number of successful entrepreneurs who never finished their college education: Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Ralph Lauren, Mark Zuckerberg and many others. This goes to show that a degree is not required for success in the business world.

In recent years, some of the luster of a college degree has been wiped away due to rising tuition costs and a weak job market. Although the job market is struggling, and a bachelor's degree may not be as valuable as it once was, there are still plenty of ways to leverage your college education in the job market.

Even in today's market, college degree holders tend to earn a lot more money over their lifespans than those who just have a high school degree. If you get a college degree, you will earn roughly twice as much as someone who only has a high school degree, on average. The fact that you were enrolled in medical school shows potential employees that you are bright and talented, so don't underestimate the value of your educational background.

Having a bachelors degree can provide you with transferable skills that you can use in almost any environment. Regardless of what type of industry you want to get into, the information that you learned in college will give you a leg up on the competition. Not only will you have more knowledge, you will know where to go to get the information that you need.

In most cases, it really does not matter where you went to college. If you live near Greensboro, NC, you may have attended one of the Greensboro college campuses. Perhaps you went to a large state university where you were surrounded by thousands of students. Regardless of where you attended college, don't forget to tap into your alumni network to find opportunities for employment.

So, for you medical school "drop outs," don't lose hope because you can have a very bright future that's filled with success.

About the author:

Jim Kelly is an online blogger focused on education, career, science, and research. He has found online writing to be a passion of his due to the ability to write on numerous topic to numerous audiences. Kim has been reading and writing on those topics for years and you can find some more of Jim's writing at theeducationupdate.com

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