Friday, June 1, 2012

UCSF Institute for Physician Leadership

The UCSF Institute for Physician Leadership equips physicians with the skills to lead their organizations. In one year participants gain key leadership competencies which deepen their leadership capacity and career satisfaction.

Participants will develop the following competencies specific to physician leaders:

Change creation: Proactively and reactively creating and managing change

Working with others: Creating relationships that supports others working in a unified manner to accomplish desired outcomes

Communication: Exchanging information effectively and creating shared meaning

Contextualized thinking and knowledge: Incorporating the knowledge of one’s environment into decision making and strategic thinking

Management skills: Planning and organizing structures and people to produce predictable results

Leadership attributes: Espousing personal qualities of effective leadership

Resilience: The ability to thrive in times of conflict and change

Participants gain leadership competencies through a curriculum that combines in-person seminars with distance learning interactions that are relevant to their experience as physician leaders. Successful completion of the program, including all of the elements, awards aproximately 80 CME credits.

Learn more about the UCSF Institute for Physician Leadership here.

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