Saturday, June 30, 2012

3 Benefits to Choosing a Health Career

This is a guest post by Jim Kelly

Choosing a career in the health care field has so many rewards and benefits. It is also considered to be a recession-proof industry in today’s struggling economy where people are losing their jobs, benefits and pensions. The following are the top three benefits to selecting a health career.

1. Job Growth
The latest statistics have shown that eight of the top fastest growing careers are in the Healthcare industry with over 13 million jobs. Physicians, pharmacy technician, aides, nurses and other health professionals are in constant demand in our society. As a Healthcare professional, there will be a whole variety of options and job security to take advantage of, and you probably won’t be downsized like in other companies. Advanced medicine has increased the aging population around the country, and there is an increasing demand for medical professionals.

2. Job Availability
There is a health care job for people of every economic background, as well as education and experience level. You do need a number of years of schooling to be a nurse or physician, but you can find many other roles in the Healthcare profession that are both exciting and challenging. Plus, due to the high demand for employees, the pay is more competitive than other employment positions in the current job market. The more skilled you become in the industry, you will be at a higher rate of pay for your position. There are also many more opportunities for continuing education classes in this specific field.

3. Make an Impact
The Healthcare field is an excellent way to touch lives and make a difference. Not many people can say that they brought a new life into the world or that they saved someone from dying. Being a Healthcare professional is a rewarding job with a variety of experiences. It doesn't matter if you’re saving an individual, a family or helping an entire community, the uplifting benefits are all the same. The recession has ravaged nearly every industry around the globe recently. A career in the Healthcare field cannot only endure, but it can even prosper during difficult financial times. That is just a small part of the many benefits of a career in Healthcare. Besides being a recession-proof industry, reports state that most employees have a high satisfaction level with their career choice. It also provides career mobility, a sense of making a difference and a wide variety of job opportunities.

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