Thursday, March 1, 2012

Half way through my MBA

This month, I'm roughly half way through my MBA. It's hard to believe how quickly it's been going and I've been learning a lot through this self-paced executive-style program. Recently, I took a course in business statistics and the course took a very different approach to the world of statistics compared to the biostatistics course I took during my MPH program. The application of statistics in the business world can solve complex problems through data-driven decision-making. I also recently took a course on supply chain management and got to appreciate the complexity of the supply chain in the pharmaceutical industry.

This month, I'll be taking a course on the competitive analysis of business. I'm also taking a course around drug/device regulations. I find it very rewarding to take courses with colleagues who work in the pharmaceutical or health care industries. Our discussions are interesting, relevant, and meaningful to our day-to-day work. Plus, we get to apply our education directly at the workplace.

If you've been thinking about pursuing an MBA, consider the investment it's going to require both in terms of time and finances. I deliberately chose a self-paced program so that I could control the amount of time I invest in business school. I also like the fact that our courses are held over the weekends (Friday and Saturday) so that I don't have to miss any dinners with my family. I travel enough for work, so my time at home is precious. I also like the fact that the courses are taught by faculty who have working experience in the industry. This makes our classroom discussions even more relevant.

At this point, I'm hoping to get done sometime next year. It it takes me some extra time and I don't finish until 2014, that's perfectly fine too. I'm not in any rush.

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