Monday, February 6, 2012

Job Posting: Client Service Executive, McKinsey Healthcare Revenue Solutions

Job Posting: Client Service Executive

McKinsey Healthcare Revenue Solutions:

McKinsey & Company is developing advanced analytic solutions across a number of domains to augment our traditional consulting model. In healthcare we are building a new standalone Informatics business to provide US health insurance companies with advanced analytics solutions that help them optimize their revenue and profit given the changes brought on by reform. This business operates as an internal startup led by a dedicated McKinsey partner and a former senior health insurance executive. We are assembling a dedicated team of advanced analytic experts, operational managers and client leaders with experience across health insurance, risk management and consumer marketing. We are looking for select leaders who see the opportunity that US health reform presents and are excited to help us build a new business. Our hub locations are New York, Chicago and Gurgaon (for Analytics).

Client Service Executive:

The Client Service Executive will directly manage our client relationships and all aspects of our client service. They will coordinate the delivery of advanced analytic insights and drive the launch and execution of in-market customer acquisition and retention campaigns as part of an integrated end-to-end client solution. They will work closely with all level of client executives, with traditional McKinsey client service teams and with our business, product and analytic leadership to tailor our solution to the particular clients needs and market situation and provide outstanding client service and execution. They will coordinate with a large and diverse analytic team integrating risk management, marketing and advanced statistical analytic capabilities and will directly manage client service staff.

The client service executive will have experience in client service, health insurance and/or consumer marketing and will have or will rapidly develop a strong working understanding of the drivers of consumer lifetime value in health insurance. They will also need to be or rapidly become conversant with the types and purposes of advanced quantitative, sales and marketing analyses (including claims, risk mix modeling, product, pricing, segmentation, propensity modeling, funnel analysis, CLM, digital marketing) and with consumer marketing media and campaign tactics in order to effectively manage execution.

The right candidate will be excited by the C level client exposure, the transformational need as the market goes retail (B2C and B2B2C), the urgency given the short window to reform and the opportunity to build a new business in this area of transformation and low industry capability.

Key Responsibilities:

• Manage client relationships and client service
• Drive delivery of advanced analytic insights and execution of consumer marketing and retention campaigns
• Work closely with client executives, traditional McKinsey client service teams, and business, product and analytic leadership and teams
• Support client development at new and existing clients


• Client service experience, ideally in the delivery of advanced analytic and/or consumer marketing solutions
• Current or former McKinsey (or other top consulting) experience highly desirable; Would also be a good fit for a business generalist with strategic and operational skills and an entrepreneurial mind set.
• Health insurance and/or consumer marketing experience
• Ability to effectively work with client executives at all levels as well as senior leadership, product and analytic teams
• Exceptional organizational and execution management capabilities
• Experience with big data environments and off-shoring highly desirable
• Excited to help build a start up business in an ambiguous environment

If you have an interest in the position please contact Nick Oak at 646-841-0138 or

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