Friday, February 10, 2012

5 reasons to maintain a part-time clinical practice after you get a non-clinical job

These days, many physicians are eager to leave clinical practice for a variety of reasons. Some may find a great non-clinical job that pays well and doesn't demand too much of their time and they will jump on the opportunity to leave clinical medicine. There are a few critical questions to work through before you make a complete exit from clinical medicine:

  • Should you maintain a part-time clinical practice if you leave the bedside?
  • Should you maintain an active medical license, even if you don't intend to practice medicine?

Here are 3 reasons why you should maintain a part-time clinical practice, even after you land a non-clinical job:

  1. Job insecurity. Let's face it: these days, job security simply doesn't exist in the corporate or business world. You may have a great job today, but your position may get eliminated or your company may go out of business.
  2. Boredom. If you left clinical medicine because you were getting bored, you're at risk of getting bored in the non-clinical world as well. It may help you avoid boredom if you maintain a part-time clinical practice.
  3. Barriers to re-entry back to clinical medicine. Someday, if you choose to re-enter clinical medicine, you're likely going to face a number of obstacles and hurdles to return to the bedside. If you maintain a part-time clinical practice, then re-entry becomes much easier.
  4. To help during disasters. Natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes often call for medical assistance. You may want to volunteer your clinical skills during these situations.
  5. To prepare for retirement. Do you have a plan for retirement? You may find it quite fulfilling to work or volunteer in a clinical capacity once you've reached retirement mode. Plus, you may find a nice way to earn some extra income. Part-time clinical jobs will be easier to find compared to non-clinical jobs if you're an older adult (dare I say "geriatric?")
So, there you have it. I can think of several more reasons to maintain a part-time clinical practice, but I'll wait until another day.

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