Monday, January 16, 2012

ACRP Certification

Find out what more than 25,000 clinical research professionals already know. Earning your designation demonstrates you have achieved the clinical research industry's premier Certification. This career milestone will validate your clinical research knowledge, skills, and application — apply for Certification today.

CCRA® — Certified Clinical Research Associate
CCRC® — Certified Clinical Research Coordinator
CPI® — Certified Physician Investigator

Benefits of Certification include:
  • Evidence of experience and qualifications of a research team
  • Validation of competency when considering a new employee
  • Reduction of risk to research subject
  • Recently, evidence has indicated that regulators believe ACRP Certification Programs result in fewer errors, lower costs, more rapid turnaround, and greater safety in clinical trials when Certified professionals are involved. 
Since 1992, the Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) has been the leading certifier of clinical research professionals with almost 24,000 professionals holding a designation from our accrediting bodies to date.

Certification is the formal recognition of clinical research professionals who have met education and work experience eligibility requirements and demonstrated job-related knowledge and skills. Specifically, Academy Certification provides employers, sponsors, regulators, and other stakeholders with unbiased evidence of experience and qualifications. It validates competency and incentivizes continuing personal development which leads to the advancement of the clinical research profession by enhancing subject safety, regulatory and protocol compliance, and the public's understanding of clinical trials.

Learn more about certification here.

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