Thursday, December 8, 2011

Consulting through the Guidepoint Global Advisor Network

You might be interested in earning extra income consulting as an expert Advisor for Guidepoint Global. They are a NYC-based primary research firm that connects their clients with industry professionals for brief phone consultations and surveys with clients who need to learn more about a variety of topics and industry trends.

The process is simple. You join the network, provide some information on your areas of expertise and employment history, and set your own hourly consulting rate. Guidepoint will then contact you when they have topics that fit your background. Consultations typically consist of short telephone calls (30-45 minutes), and you can accept or decline a consultation request for any reason. Once the consultation is over, you submit an invoice through their website and receive a check within 10 business days.

There is no cost to you or minimum time commitment. Advisors are not asked any questions about their current employers, and any confidentiality or other agreements you have are respected and honored.

To apply to be an Advisor, go to this link Guidepoint Advisor Sign-Up.

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