Thursday, September 1, 2011

Register for this MBA Fair: Business schools, webinars, + career guides

Thinking about business school? Meet business school admissions officers, view MBA webinars and download free career guides at The Economist's Which MBA? MBA Fair on September 7th and 8th 2011. Here are some reasons to attend the fall MBA Fair:
  • Download FREE MBA guides with resume tips and advice on finding the right MBA program
  • Talk online with admissions officers from graduate business schools around the world
  • Broaden your perspective and learn more about diverse MBA programs
  • Gain insight into the MBA experience by chatting with alumni and watching webinars and videos
Meet these business schools:

• University of Virginia
• University of California, Riverside
• Virginia Tech
• National University of Singapore
• York University
• University of New South Wales
• Worcester Polytechnic Institute
• ... and many more

Register here for the Which MBA? MBA Fair.

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