Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lunch with the former president of a big pharma company

Over the weekend, I was taking a business school class called Business Ethics. The class was very interactive and we explored a series of cases within the pharmaceutical industry that involve some serious ethical issues. I enjoyed the dialogue, met some new classmates (we're now connected on LinkedIn), but one of the best parts of the course was that we had a guest in the classroom. This guest was the former president of a major pharmaceutical company. He's now retired and he's also an SJU alum, so it was a unique and valuable experience having him in the class. I also had the chance to sit at a lunch table with him on Saturday and he shared his perspectives on some of the ethical issues we were discussing in the classroom.

Do you know any senior executive management team members of a major pharmaceutical company? Where else can you have the opportunity to have lunch with a former president of a major pharmaceutical company?

If you're seriously thinking about an MBA program and you have a strong interest in the pharmaceutical industry, consider the program at SJU. When the faculty members are well-connected with business executives in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, you gain a rich perspective and you also have unique opportunities to meet people who are working in that industry. In my recent class business school class, we had scientists, attorneys, epidemiologists, and marketing professionals who work in various pharmaceutical companies.

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