Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Jobs for doctors without residency

I continue to encounter countless physicians who are looking for jobs even though they have not completed a residency here in the United States. Some are US medical school grads who wish to drop out of residency. Others are foreign-trained physicians who have faced difficulty finding a residency position here in the United States.

I wrote an article back in 2008 titled, "Jobs for Physicians with No Residency Experience." This article continues to draw traffic from search engine users who are searching for "jobs for doctors without residency."

If you're a doctor looking for a non-clinical job, I encourage you to visit the NonClinicalJobs Job Board to find a variety of job opportunities for physicians who don't have residency experience. You can find a number of different employment opportunities in small and large companies where you won't need an active medical license, board certification, or post-graduate training.

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