Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'm taking an MBA course on business ethics

This weekend, I'll be taking a business ethics course for my MBA program. The course textbook is Contemporary Issues in Business Ethics, 5th Ed. The authors are professors Joseph R. DesJardins and John J. McCall. The text approaches business ethics from a social and political perspective, asking students to consider the proper place of business in society, particularly as played out through the tension between strategies that rely on market mechanisms and strategies aimed at protecting individual rights. This book focuses on the rights and responsibilities of employees, laying out a rigorous discussion of economic markets and a close philosophical analysis of ethical theories in the context of contemporary business responsibility. While often neglected in other texts, this focus remains an extremely relevant area of business ethics for today's students as they prepare for their careers in an ever-competitive workplace. This text's mix of readings, text, case studies, and decision scenarios has proven its accessibility across a wide range of student interests and abilities.

The business ethics course examines competing ethical claims upon the pharmaceutical industry in a market driven, profit seeking economy. The course begins with a discussion of a theoretical framework for moral analysis and proceeds to practical applications in pharmaceutical marketing.

I'm really enjoying my business school experience and I look forward to some interesting discussions regarding business ethics. When you're in a classroom full of pharmaceutical and healthcare executives, you have a great opportunity to network and to hear some interesting stories about the corporate workplace, hiring and firing policies, and much more.

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