Monday, August 29, 2011

Find a local business networking "meetup" in your area is a great place where you can find clubs, gatherings, or organizations that may help you as you explore the business world. In major metropolitan areas, you'll find meetups like "business leaders meetup," or entrepreneurial clubs where you can meet people starting new companies and looking for investors or consultants to help them get started. I recently began looking for some business meetups in my area and here's what I found:

  • The Philadelphia Business Meetup
  • The Philadelphia Business Networking Group
  • Philly Tech Meetup
  • Entrepreneurs Roundtable Philadelphia
  • The Philadelphia Blogger Meetup Group
  • EXTREME Business Growth for Philadelphia Entrepreneurs

I joined these Meetup groups. I doubt that I'll attend every meeting, but if I'm able to attend 10% of them, I'm sure that I'll benefit from the networking. If you're looking to find business executives who wish to expand their social network, see what you find by visiting

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