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Want to work in an American hospital in Barbados?

Author: Bob Priddy

American World Clinics™ announces Barbados Hospital

“If you’re like me, you’re a good physician who cares greatly about your patients and your profession, works hard to provide good jobs and a positive environment for your staff, and just wants to make a decent living doing what you love, practicing medicine,” stated Paul Angelchik, MD, when asked why he was building a new American hospital in Barbados. He continued, “ In today’s adversarial climate however, caring for your patients, being a solid member of the business community and doing your best as a physician, just doesn’t seem to be enough.”

Dr. Angelchik’s frustration with the deteriorating environment for medical practice, coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit and the willingness to explore something truly new led to his founding of American World Clinics – Barbados, Ltd.

More than ever U.S. physicians are describing a sense of loss of autonomy, declining professional satisfaction and collegiality, while seeing their responsibilities, risks, and frustration increase. And all this is happening in the context of accelerating negative change for traditional medical practice.

AWC-Barbados, is driven by two significant trends in medicine today. First, is the aforementioned high level of physician frustration. Second is the skyrocketing growth of medical tourism and the concomitant business opportunity that it presents. It’s projected by various sources that more than five million individuals will leave their home countries in the upcoming year to find more advanced care and faster access to care than they can obtain at home. These medical tourists are traveling from the United Kingdom, Canada, Western Europe and the United States. These patients are paying out of pocket to have procedures performed in remote destinations where the quality of the staff, facility, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices are not consistently controlled. Not to mention the increased political volatility and hostility toward Westerners affecting many of these destinations today.

AWC-Barbados has developed a different plan: Offer American board certified/ board eligible physicians (and their international counterparts with equivalent credentials) the opportunity to practice in a positive, physician-centered environment in a Joint Commission accredited “American” style surgical specialty hospital located in one of the worlds premier vacation destinations. A need for primary care and internal medicine specialties has also been identified and a complement of these specialists will also be recruited.
Barbados is also well known for its stable government, safety, friendly, well-educated citizens, and its ease of access via its excellent international airport, with nonstop flights from North America, Europe, and Latin America.

Scheduled to open in 2013, AWC-Barbados was described by the CEO of Invest Barbados at a recent international business seminar in Toronto, Ontario as the “flagship medical tourism enterprise” for the nation of Barbados. True to that flagship status, AWC-Barbados will be an approximately 100,000 square foot specialty medical, dental and surgical facility incorporating the hospital and multispecialty clinic serving international medical tourists and Caribbean nationals. The nation of Barbados has universal healthcare and AWC-Barbados will not compete for those patients accessing the public health facilities. Located just one mile from the famed Platinum Coast, AWC-Barbados will reside on 21.5 acres of prime land with ample room to grow and develop into a complete international medical campus.

Today, AWC-Barbados is beginning to recruit its medical staff. Two upcoming physician staff development meetings are being held in Phoenix, AZ, over the next six weeks. The first is June 23rd, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and the second is July 21st, same times. Further, a physician Introduction to Barbados trip is planned for September 3-7, 2011 to provide physicians with detailed information about working and residing (full or part-time) in Barbados. The Physician Staff Development meetings will be hosted by Paul Angelchik, MD , AWC-Barbados CEO, Robert Priddy, AWC President, and Jeff Edelstein, MD, AWC Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs. For location or attendance information, please contact Robert Priddy at 720-339-3585 or at

If you’re interested in joining the group for the Barbados trip, again, please contact Bob Priddy for details, costs, schedules, etc…

About the author:

Since 2002, Bob Priddy has coached, counseled and advised more than 900 physicians seeking non-clinical career transitions or restructured clinical practices; and he is President of third_Evolution, Non Clinical Careers for Physicians. Prior to third_Evolution, he served in physician practice management and consulting roles on both a local and national level, in senior health system administrative and operational positions with four health systems in the East and Midwest, as well as in senior administrative, marketing and product management positions with leading healthcare IT and marketing firms. Bob is an entrepreneur who knows Physicians, healthcare, and nonclinical industries. His coaching and advising approach is outcomes-based centered on the concepts of Focus, knowing what you want to do; Package, having the right materials to represent your career search or your new business venture; and Process, developing and implementing a logical strategy for your success. Read about him here.

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