Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Job Post: Senior Manager, Medical Affairs (Baxter BioScience)

Senior Manager, Medical Affairs
Baxter - Deerfield, IL

Baxter's BioScience division is a leading producer of both plasma-based and recombinant clotting factors for hemophilia, as well as biopharmaceuticals used to treat immune deficiencies, alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency and other blood-related disorders. Baxter also produces vaccines for the prevention of infectious diseases, as well as biosurgery products used for homeostasis and tissue-sealing in surgery. Baxter BioScience's breadth and depth of expertise in recombinant protein manufacturing, plasma fractionation and proprietary Vero-cell vaccine manufacturing technologies set it apart from other companies in these fields.

We are seeking a Senior Manager, Medical Affairs who will serves as a member of the advertising/promotional review committee representing Global Medical Affairs (GMA), and provides editorial input related to product line/therapeutic area.

Job Requirements:

  • Must possess interpersonal skills and a demonstrated ability to manage conflict situations as well as a demonstrated record of responsible actions. Must also have excellent verbal/written communication skills, excellent presentation and teaching skills, be computer literate, and able to participate in a cross-functional team approach. Ability to influence, initiate, and accept change, and address complex, multi-faceted questions and issues. Demonstrates exceptional follow-through with respect to tasks and projects.
  • Education and/or Experience: Include the education and experience that is necessary to perform the job satisfactorily.
  • Advanced degree required (PharmD, PhD, MD, RN) as well as 3+ years of experience in a pharmaceutical, medical device, or biotech company. Supervisory or clinical experience is highly desirable. Knowledge of Baxter product lines/therapeutic areas is helpful.
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