Monday, June 27, 2011

Non-Medical Jobs and Careers for Physicians

When I think about the phrase "non-clinical jobs," I often think about jobs that involve some element of medical science. Physicians who work as medical writers or health care consultants may not be treating patients, but they are effectively applying their scientific expertise in their work. Physicians who work in medical management or other types of administrative positions need to have a clinical background in order to work effectively. Physicians who work in the biopharma industry may not be treating individual patients, but they are still involved in scientific drug discovery or pharmaceutical marketing.

What about those jobs that are completely non-medical?

I know some physicians who have a real estate business. Others have ventured into the world of finance and they are now wealth management consultants. One former nephrologist is running a website for Apple computer fans. Another physician is selling products on eBay. Some are becoming technology writers or bloggers, but they're not writing about medical technology. Others are starting companies focused on helping moms be better moms. There are a growing number of physician entrepreneurs who are venturing into many non-medical industries.

So, when you think about a career transition, do you find yourself interested in jobs where you will apply your scientific expertise? Or, are you looking for a non-medical job in an industry that has no connections to medical science?

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