Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weingarten's Theory of Readiness ℠ - When? How? Best Way To? ©

Author: Rebecca Kiki Weingarten M.Sc.Ed, MFA

One of the things I love about the work I do is exploring and developing new theories in order to assist people to understand, articulate and achieve their goals. An interesting phenomenon that I've been studying and developing as a theory for learning and change is something I call "The Readiness Theory".

In its simplest form people "get ready" and become acclimated to changes in their lives in different ways.

* Some people dive right in and get used to the experience while they're muddling through it.
* Some people need to have all the elements in place before they can make a change or move.
* Some people make a change and then take a few steps back before they jump right in again.
* Some people make a change before they're ready to live it and then act that out in different ways.

Readiness will show up in many ways and will also impact the length of the coaching relationship and the amount of coaching sessions required.

What's your readiness style and how has it impacted your decisions? How has it helped or impeded your ability to make changes in your life?

Copyright 2011 Rebecca Kiki Weingarten M.Sc.Ed, MFA

About the author:

Rebecca Kiki Weingarten M.Sc.Ed, MFA is an Education/Government/Web 1 & 2.0 executive turned Consultant/Coach & Developer/Trainer for Corporate, Executive, Career, Healthcare, Education, Transitions, Multi-industry programs/seminars and speaker, as well as personal coach and the Co-Founder and President of NYC based DLC Executive Coaching and Consulting/Atypical Coaching. She coaches individuals, corporations and educational institutions to enable them to transition and grow effectively and to attain their goals through individual coaching, workshops and seminars. She has been a featured expert in national publications including The New York Times, AP, ESPN on the Obama transition, Business Week, Forbes, the LA Times, Pink, Chicago Sun Times, Dow Jones/Marketwatch, MSN, WebMD, Yahoo/HotJobs, Monster.com, Better Homes and Gardens, Self Magazine, University Business, American Society for Trainers and Developers and others.

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