Thursday, May 5, 2011

Blending clinical medicine with entrepreneurship

I know several physicians who have full-time clinical careers but they also carve out time to explore entrepreneurial ventures. There are certain medical specialties that allow you to have more flexibility with your schedule so that you can blend patient care with entrepreneurial spirit. Those specialties include: emergency medicine, anesthesia, hospital medicine, and urgent care medicine. You can go into family medicine or internal medicine and find yourself with a flexible schedule if you choose to work in shifts (urgent care, hospitalist, etc.).

Having a blended career that includes elements of direct patient care plus entrepreneurship allows you to have a stable source of income (clinical practice) but also lets you express your creativity and innovation as you start a company or develop a business model.

If you have a creative idea, an invention, or a novel thought that could turn into a business, then it could be time for you to carve out some time away from clinical medicine so that you can pursue your interests. Find a local entrepreneurship club and listen to the creative ideas that are shared and discussed. Explore your concepts with a few trusted individuals outside of your domain to see if your idea could turn into a viable business.

I enjoy working with startup companies because of the energy, the innovation, and the flexibility to shape the business in many different directions.

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