Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Leadership and management skills in dual degree MD/MBA medical students

I recently had the opportunity to speak to medical students at the 9th Annual MD/MBA Conference hosted at Texas Tech University. One of the conversations focused around the value of the MBA for medical students who are preparing for residency applications. Is the MBA an asset or is it a hindrance when it comes to residency applications? Do residency program directors view the MBA as a positive characteristic? Are they indifferent?

Robert Wallace, MD, MBA, from the University of Southern California is currently conducting some research to answer these questions, so stay tuned. You can also read a current MD/MBA student's perspective on this issue here.

Medical students in dual degree MD/MBA programs have a tremendous opportunity to focus on leadership and management as they go through their education. They should make sure to include these factors when they write their personal statements for residency. An MBA can give you strong leadership and management skills that can make you effective as a chief resident. An MBA may allow you to develop innovative solutions for operational challenges. An MBA can give you a broader perspective on healthcare utilization issues that may impact health policy. An MBA may open your eyes to creative inventions and business ideas that may ultimately improve patient care.

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