Sunday, April 10, 2011

Discussing health IT at the 9th Annual MD/MBA Conference

Here at the 9th Annual MD/MBA Conference, we had some great presentations about health information technology and the business of medicine. Harry Greenspun, MD, EVP and Chief Medical Officer of Dell Perot Systems kicked things off yesterday morning with a foundational presentation on the evolving health IT landscape.

Andrew Zarick, MD, MBA, Associate Director of Navigant Consulting healthcare practice, spoke about his work as a consultant. He often performs medical reviews of patient records and he reminded us that EHRs can be associated with certain pitfalls if physicians don't use these digital wisely. Electronic health records have improved legibility of patient records, but they also make it easy for physicians to get lazy or sloppy and to "copy and paste" too much health information.

It was great to see my Twitter buddy Dr. Saldana (@lsaldanamd). Luis Saldana, MD, MBA, Associate CMIO at Texas Health Resources, emphasized the importance of change management, physician engagement, clinical collaboration, and improved patient outcomes. He also spent some time discussing the value of clinical decisions support (CDS) as a valuable resource within EHRs.

Charles Kennedy, MD, Vice President of Information Technology and Clinical Research WellPoint, spoke about opportunities in health IT in the setting of health care reform. Health IT is an enabler of health care reform, but we have a long ways to go before we can use this technology to empower patients and providers to reform the entire health care system.

I'll be sharing some other thoughts and reflections about the conference over the next few days, so stay tuned here on

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