Friday, March 18, 2011

McKinsey's advanced professional degrees (APD) Community

There are many business opportunities in the consulting industry for physicians who like to solve problems, improve industry practices, help organizations improve their performance, analyze existing business problems, suggest plans for improvement, provide organizational change management assistance, or develop technology implementation strategies.

Many people may not realize that consulting firms hire physicians. McKinsey hires physicians and they even have an advanced professional degrees (APDs) community. Here's some information from their website about their APD Community:

McKinsey has a long tradition of hiring consultants with advanced professional degrees (APDs) from backgrounds other than business. We were the first major consulting firm to actively recruit professionals from other fields, and today about a third of our consultants hold APDs.

Upon joining McKinsey, you’ll become part of this network of more than 3,000 consultants who come from backgrounds as varied as engineering, information technology, economics, and the legal and medical fields. You’ll work on teams with professionals who, like you, chose to take their careers in a new direction.
Throughout your time at McKinsey and beyond, you can rely on this network of consultants and alumni for support and mentorship. They can help ease your transition, offer advice and insight on your client work, and help you find the tools you need to succeed.

You’ll get the support you need to feel comfortable in the business world from mentors and through formal training programs. However, you won’t be treated in a manner any different from any other consultants starting out. You’ll become part of a global community of professionals whose diverse expertise—in and outside of the business world—is crucial to the firm’s ability to analyze problems from all angles and deliver thorough, informed recommendations to our clients.

Some interesting stats about McKinsey:

5+: number of weeks of training you will receive during your first year at McKinsey
40+: percent of McKinsey consultants who have non-M.B.A. backgrounds
450+: number of McKinsey partners who have an APD background

Learn more about the McKinsey's advanced professional degrees (APD) Community here.

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