Monday, March 21, 2011

Master of Science, Clinical Practice Management

Considering a graduate degree? Here's some information about the Master of Science, Clinical Practice Management, at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. (I'll be speaking at Texas Tech next month at the Annual MD/MBA Conference).

The Master of Science, Clinical Practice Management is an online graduate degree program for healthcare professionals. Here's some information from their website:
  • Our Vision is to be the graduate degree of choice for working healthcare professionals.
  • Our Mission is to provide practicing patient care providers and administrators with relevant, creditable and practical skills that will allow our graduates to excel as leaders, supervisors and managers in their organizational environment.
  • Our Objective is to help our students advance professionally, become more successful in their current job, and obtain positions of greater responsibility in the healthcare setting.
  • Our Goal is to be both professors and mentors in the degree experience and professional development process.
As a degree seeking student, you may be overwhelmed with the myriad of healthcare degrees available for you to pursue. If you work in the healthcare field, you may be considering a traditional MBA, MHA, or an alternative MS healthcare degree. Our 36 credit degree program is unique in the healthcare field as our program has specific emphasis on practice management, coding & billing, compliance, ambulatory care, business case analysis, data base management, and small practice strategy that will assist the patient care provider or administrator in becoming successful in the challenging world of healthcare in the ambulatory setting.

Our degree is entirely on-line and distance-based. The flexibility of our program allows the working healthcare professional with a full time job, full time family and other full time responsibilities the ability to go to school and increase their professional and personal education at their own discretion. Our faculty are experienced adult educators who will work with students to ensure the degree is completed. Based on any transfer credit, students may be able to complete our degree in as little as 15-months.

Learn more about the Master of Science, Clinical Practice Management, at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center here.

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