Monday, March 28, 2011

Job Post: Physician Informaticist

Interested in a career in health information technology? Consider a career as a Physician Informaticist.

Here are some snippets from some recent job descriptions:

Physician Informaticists

As a Physician Informaticist, you will provide support with the design and build of our Electronic Health Record (EHR) to ensure optimal usability as well as compliance with applicable regulations. This involves developing standardized and evidence-based clinical content (including workflows, documentation templates, order sets, clinical decision support, etc.); evaluating and implementing technology solutions designed to help deliver more efficient and effective patient care; establishing communication and training strategies; and helping lead informatics change management efforts.

Here's another Physician Informaticist job (with Accenture)

Responsibilities include:

* Responsible for all aspects of day-to-day vendor project work
* Responsible for managing client executive and sponsor relationships related to EMR vendor project work
* Responsible for Accenture- EMR vendor relationships related to project work
* Plan project work
* Staff, manage and maintain a high performing, diverse team
* Understand and shape Client business needs into EMR vendor solutions

The Physician Informaticist will collaborate with other Accenture physician leaders to:

* Track, interpret, and train Accenture personnel regarding new HIT policies at a Federal and State level
* Track new healthcare IT (HIT) trends and products
* Lead Accenture thought leadership and Point of Views
* Work with client sales and delivery teams to architect innovative HIT solutions

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