Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pharmacovigilance service providers

You don't have to work in a major pharmaceutical company to gain experience working in pharmacovigilance. There are a number of pharmacovigilance service providers that will employ health care professionals who are looking for non-clinical jobs in the area of pharmacovigilance.  Here's a list of some of those companies (many of these companies are also contract research organizations or CROs):

    * 4G Pharmacovigilance LLP
    * Akos
    * Chiltern
    * Fulcrumpharma
    * ii4sm International Institute for the Safety of Medicines
    * Parexel
    * Pharm-Olam International
    * PrimeVigilance
    * QSI
    * Quintiles
    * Synowledge LLC
    * BioSoteria, Inc.
    * PharSafer
    * BPI Service GmbH

This list can be found on Wikipedia here.

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