Thursday, February 3, 2011

Good Clinical Practices: Guide to Compliance

What do you know about GCP or Good Clinical Practices?

Here's a book by Barnett Educational Services titled, "Good Clinical Practices: Guide to Compliance"

Good Clinical Practices: Guide to Compliance, provides clear recommendations for full compliance with global regulatory requirements. The Guide includes templates for SOPs and other forms that can be copied and used directly in the GCP environment, including a full set of GCP inspection sheets.

This report will be available in electronic format and includes chapters and appendices covering the following information:

* Comparison of International GCP Regulations
* Regulatory Submission for GCP Data
* Critical Compliance Issues
* Internal and External Inspections and Audits
* SOP Templates

If you're interested in learning more about Good Clinical Practices, make sure to read some of these other books as well:

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