Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Regulatory Affairs Certification (RAC)

Regulatory Affairs Certification, known as the RAC, is the only certification specifically for regulatory professionals in the healthcare product sector. The RAC credential is a professional distinction that denotes commitment to excellence, pursuit of knowledge and career advancement. RAC-credentialed professionals are among the current and rising leaders in the regulatory profession. They work in all parts of the world and in many settings, including industry, government and academic organizations. To date, more than 5,000 individuals have earned the RAC.

Four different certifications are available:

* RAC (US): knowledge of US regulations
* RAC (EU): knowledge of European Union regulations
* RAC (CAN): knowledge of Canadian regulations
* RAC (General Scope): knowledge and critical thinking skills related to the general scope of practice of regulatory professionals throughout the product lifecycle, with reference to global standards from ICH, GHTF, WHO and ISO.

Certification sets RAC-certified regulatory professionals apart, increases their value to employers and attests to their expertise and credibility. Attaining the RAC is a public recognition of professional achievement—to those both within and outside the profession. The RAC provides a means to measure and validate regulatory knowledge. It also can serve as step toward further career advancement, and in some cases, increased compensation. RAPS research has shown RAC certification correlates to higher compensation for professionals in entry- to mid-level positions and the proportion of RAC-credentialed professionals increases steadily at higher levels.

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