Monday, January 31, 2011

MIT Enterprise Forum

MIT Enterprise Forum is the global voice of entrepreneurship. For more than thirty years, Enterprise Forum has been a platform for entrepreneurial networking, inspiration and education. We are a community of volunteers sharing resources, knowledge and a passion for entrepreneurship and wealth creation.

The MIT Enterprise Forum collaborates with over 200 corporate and education organizations that connect technology entrepreneurs with resources which makes the commercialization of technology faster and easier.

1. Operates through 27 official chapters globally and expanding.
2. Non-profit, 2000 plus volunteer-driven organization.
3. Community program that is open to all.
4. Produces 300+ world-class networking and educational programs annually to inspire, connect and educate technology business executives.
5. Goal to build a community, connect technology entrepreneurs with capital, resources, employees, and industry experts, and to ultimately make the commercialization of technology faster and easier.

We are driven to answer the challenge of the imagination and to support the passion and creativity in every entrepreneur. We are changing the world one enterprise at a time.

The MIT Enterprise Forum is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and strengthening technology-oriented startups, allowing them to grow and prosper.

Founded in 1978 as part of the MIT Alumni Association, the Enterprise Forum offers over 300 educational and networking events through our current 27 chapters globally. Enterprise Forum participation and involvement is open to anyone interested in entrepreneurship - MIT graduates and non-graduates - and attracts executives, business leaders, venture capitalists, industry experts, and service organizations, in addition to our core of emerging entrepreneurs with technology business expectations.

The most valuable component of the Enterprise Forum is the networking connections that are developed amongst technology entrepreneurs and the communities in which they reside.

Learn more about the MIT Enterprise Forum here.

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