Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What are your career goals for 2011?

As we prepare to enter the New Year, are you ready to think about your career goals? Perhaps you're going to transition out of clinical medicine in 2011. Maybe you'll look for some non-clinical opportunities to generate supplemental income. For some of you, the exploration phase of your career transition process may begin in 2011. For others, 2011 will be a year where you will heavily invest time and energy into revising your resume and actively applying for jobs.

I'm currently working with a number of physicians who are getting ready to find new jobs in 2011. As the economy slowly recovers in the United States, more jobs should open up. To find some of these non-clinical job openings, make sure to look at our Job Board.  As you search for jobs, make sure you're entering the right "keywords" so that you don't have to review hundreds of irrelevant jobs.

Continue to expand your network by leveraging social networking websites like LinkedIn. You never know who you might bump into if you start looking for old friends and colleagues. Recently, one of my physician clients informed me that a former college classmate was now the hiring manager for a major pharmaceutical company looking to expand the drug safety review department. The holidays are always a great time to reconnect with people!

Finally, make sure your resume gives you a competitive advantage. Otherwise, your resume will easily get lost in a large pile of job applications.

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