Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Intracorp Physician Advisor Services

I took this information from the Intracorp website where they talk about two services: 1) Physician Advisor Services; and 2) Impairment Review Rating.

Intracorp's robust suite of Physician Advisor Services and Impairment Rating Reviews provides reviews that give direction and recommendations on files in the process of settlement or set realistic reserves. We assist in addressing issues such as disability duration, functional ability to return to work, treatment appropriateness and projected treatment plans. We also offer telephonic consultation for adjusters, outside the formal review process.

Intracorp employs staff physicians supplemented by a broad network of contracted physicians spanning over 40 diverse specialties. All physicians play an active and clearly defined peer review role. Intracorp has used physicians to review treatment for over 38 years.

Our Physician Advisor Services Include:

* Utilization Management Medical Necessity Review
* Complex File Review
* Appeal Review
* Physician Advisor Consultation

Features & Benefits:

* Staff physicians with specialties tailored to meet a full range of disability management needs:
o Orthopedists (spine, hand, foot subspecialties)
o Occupational Medicine
o Internist
o Physical medicine and rehab
o Physiatrist
o Emergency Medicine
o Pain management
o Chiropractic
* Supplemented by a broad network of contracted physicians with more than 40 diverse specialties
* 95% of our contracted physicians are in active practice
* All reviews are handled by same category of physician as the ordering provider
* Peer-to-peer clinical review gives providers the opportunity to have a clinical discussion with the Intracorp physician advisor prior to any non-approval decision
* Decisions are completed within state-mandated time frames and includes rationale and criteria used to assist in the decision process
* Reviews can be transmitted electronically via Intracorp’s Integrated Care Management System (ICMS)

Impairment Rating Review

Features & Benefits:

* Accurately addresses impairment ratings and presents findings in accordance with all AMA or state guidelines
* Findings show inaccuracies, errors, and inappropriate contributions in 80% of the ratings performed
* On average, reviewed impairment ratings are nine percentage points higher than Intracorp’s accurately validated assessments
* State-of-the-art software program that performs comprehensive evaluations and calculates permanent impairment ratings
* Physician advisor verifies assigned impairment rating, and introduces other case appeals that have similar clinical findings

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  1. impairment ratings are surprisingly very easy yet reimburse very well.