Monday, December 6, 2010

Does Your Resume Make You Look Too Old?

If you're planning on pursuing a non-clinical "encore" career after you retire from your clinical career, make sure your resume doesn't make you look too old. Otherwise, you'll fall victim to age discrimination and you'll have a difficult time finding a job.

Here are 7 Resume Tips from recently-surveyed hiring managers (published on
1. Trim your employment history to reflect your past 10-15 years. 
2. Avoid leaving dates of education off your resume unless you have a strong strategic reason to do so.
3. Ensure that your resume showcases valuable age-related attributes most likely to be valued by prospective employers – e.g. your judgment and decision-making abilities, your range of expertise, your reliability and dependable work ethic, and your commitment to corporate goals.
4. Highlight achievements that reflect strong technical or professional expertise, a high energy level, and the ability to flexible and adaptable.
5. Employment accomplishments need to be concise, but detailed. Employers want to know as specifically as possible what you will “bring to their party”.
6. Leave off "references upon request" – this is a "given."
7. Most importantly, have your resume critiqued.
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