Wednesday, December 15, 2010

CareerBliss: Company Salaries and Reviews

Do you love your job? Are you thinking about finding a new job? is a website that has salary data for millions of companies and job titles nationwide. Plus, CareerBliss provides company reviews so that you can research what others are saying about their own companies (anonymously, I'm sure).

So, what are the Best Bliss Companies? The Top 3 companies are:
  1. Google
  2. USAF
  3. Johnson & Johnson

If we go down the list of "Best Bliss Companies," we'll find these other companies that often hire physicians:
5 Cisco Systems
9 Amgen
14 Schering-Plough
16 Microsoft
17 Genentech
19 Abbott Laboratories
23 Kaiser Permanente
26 Novartis Pharmaceuticals
These are all companies that had high "BlissRanks."  Although CareerBliss is currently in beta, it appears to have some useful resources. Plus, you might find an interesting job by researching different life science companies. I would suggest that you take the salary information with a large grain of salt. These types of salary surveys often need to be interpreted carefully because they can be very misleading.


  1. seeing all these cool opportunities make me want to go non-clinical. but like many people, i just wonder if it's the right move. what if i make the wrong decision? will medicine be there for me if i go back?

  2. CareerBliss has a lot of good information. The salary information is from actual employees, many of them healthcare professionals. I like the way the site is laid out. I wonder how much more I could make if I was at one of the happiest companies.