Monday, November 15, 2010

Considering consulting? When to Consider Consulting Instead of Full-Time Employment

Consulting is a very popular topic among physicians who are interested in pursuing non-clinical career opportunities. Do you know how to build an independent consulting career?

If you're a member of ExecuNet, you'll see a free article (PDF) titled, "When to Consider Consulting Instead of Full-Time Employment." It's a short, 4-page article that sums up some of the main points you need to seriously consider before you venture into a consulting career.

Questions for the Consulting Roundtable:
  • Is this problem occurring in other cities and other industries (besides government)?
  • Why do employers apparently prefer to hire full-time, given the risks of bringing aboard an unproven employee?
  • What, if anything, should consultants do differently in this economy to find projects?
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