Tuesday, October 19, 2010

National Association of Physician Advisors (NAPA)

The National Association of Physician Advisors (NAPA) is in partnership with World Research Group (WRG). It is dedicated to creating a forum for physician advisors, case managers, VPMAs, medical directors and other hospital professionals in the departments of utilization and compliance for:

* Networking: Connect through social networking sites and national conferences with your peers, superiors and consultants.
* Knowledge Transfer: Share strategies, best practices and lessons learned through national events, online discussion forums and publications.
* Industry Development: Begin the process of developing the Physician Advisor’s role as a true specialty area in healthcare.

Physician Advisors are truly an evolving specialty and their presence in a hospital has led to reduced denials, dramatic improvements in coding, documentation, communications, patient throughput and quality care. With such terrific results, more responsibilities continue to fall into the laps of the PA. This trend will only expand with expected healthcare changes prompted by the government and CMS.


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