Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm burned out... Should I quit residency?

I get questions like this all the time: "I'm burned out. Should I quit residency?"

Here's how I typically respond:I hear stories like this all the time. Burnout is very common during residency. It's important to explore all your options because it will be extremely difficult to return to clinical medicine in the future.

I find that many residents really don't have the proper perspective on post-residency life. There are so many different practice models that you'll never see during medical school or residency. You may also end up treating a patient population that is vastly different from the types of patients you've seen. Many physicians are able to find rewarding, satisfying jobs after they complete residency.

Are you absolutely certain that you don't want to practice medicine? Or, are you simply burning out, looking for a solution to your current situation? Perhaps you're in the wrong specialty. Maybe you'd be happy if you worked in preventive medicine.

If you're absolutely certain that you wish to exit residency to pursue a non-clinical career, then I could work with you to guide you along the way. Even if you lack business experience, the transition is possible. You don't need an MBA or an MPH to find a non-clinical job. In fact, I've personally helped many physicians make this transition successfully, so contact me if you're interested in speaking with me further.

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