Tuesday, September 28, 2010

File Review Consulting Assignments

Here's information about the SEAK National Directory of Medical File Review Consultants:

The deadline to place your listing in the SEAK, Inc. National Directory of Medical File Review Consultants, is Thursday, September 30th, 2010.

File reviews can be done from home, are low stress, do not require any patient contact or travel, almost never results in having to testify and generally pays $100-$200/hour or more.

File review consulting work is varied and includes: utilization reviews, peer reviews, chart reviews, second opinions, underwriting reports, disability opinions and pre-authorizations.

To place your listing, please sign up online at http://filereviewconsultants.com/signup

A one-year listing is only $395 and we offer a full 100% money back guarantee with your listing. If you are not satisfied with the number and quality of file review assignments that you receive or for any other reason, you have until August 1, 2011 to request and receive a full refund of your standard listing fee.

Join over 475 of your colleagues who are already listed in the Directory.

Some feedback from our members and referral sources:

"I frequently use the SEAK Directory to locate doctors for File Reviews and find it very helpful"
Joe Campione
The Physician Network, Inc.

"I use the SEAK Directory to recruit Peer Reviewers"
Richard Lynch
ProPeer Resources, Inc.

"I use your SEAK Directories often to locate doctors... I take them with me to meetings & such so I can look up what I need away from my computer... I get a very good response from your Medical File Review Directory"
Terry Lindemann
Unival, Inc.

"I have been contacted by a company that needs medical chart reviews performed, and they got my name from SEAK. Thank you very much for this!"
Todd Kravetz, MD

"I am now doing a fairly brisk file review business, thanks in part to your course and Directory. I have cut down my clinical practice to about 50%, and no longer do inpatient work...whew!!!"
Marlene Jacobs, MD

"I registered with your Directory last year as an experiment, and it turned out to be a very useful investment. I'll be recommending it to friends and colleagues. Many thanks."
Gregory Bledsoe, MD

"This is a handy reference guide which I will share with our TPAs."
Richard Starkie
Vice President of Claims
Delos Insurance Group

"We have an immediate need for Physician chart reviewers. I will give him a call. Thank you for the referral.
Donna DiPrinzio
Vice President of Recruiting
Executive Health Resources

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