Friday, August 20, 2010

Physician Re-entry

There's a nice article on Physicians News Digest about physician re-entry. In fact, the author is Nielufar Varjavand, MD, Program Director, Drexel Medicine® Physician Refresher/Re-Entry Course.

Many physicians leave clinical practice with hopes of pursuing non-clinical careers. Other leave because they're ready to retire (or they want to retire early). This early retirement phenomenon hasn't been working out so well for some who've lost a significant portion of their savings in the recent stock market crash.  These physicians may be facing the reality that they may need to return to clinical practice to pay their bills. You might be here on because you want to know how physicians leave clinical practice. Some of you might be wondering "how do physicians re-enter clinical practice after they've left clinical medicine?"

From November 2006 through spring 2010, about 50 physicians completed the Drexel Medicine Physician Refresher/Re-Entry course.  You can learn about that Drexel re-entry program here:

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