Sunday, August 1, 2010

MS in Health Informatics

How can an MS in Health Informatics help you transition into a career in health information technology? The University of Illinois at Chicago offers an online MS in Health Informatics. Here is a student testimonial:

Name: Pamela Bullington
Year Graduated from Master in Health Informatics program: 2006
Current Employer: Walgreens
Current Position/Title: Clinical Pharmacist in Pharmaceutical Care Development and Medication Adherence

What has the Master in Health Informatics degree done for your career?

The Master in Health Informatics gave me the skills and the confidence to jump-start my career and change jobs to a new energetic environment. I now help develop computer-based patient counseling programs for retail pharmacists – AND with a $35,000 pay increase!

If someone asked you about Master in Health Informatics program, what would tell them?

This is a well-rounded program that makes you think, helps you learn to interact with people from other areas in the healthcare field and technology, and gives a great sense of accomplishment when you’ve completed the program. It is tough – but well worth it! Directly or indirectly I have used something from every class I took in the program.

What are your career plans?

I am wildly happy with my job at Walgreens. I am in a new department that works with our retail stores and pharmaceutical companies to develop new programs for improving medication adherence. I plan to grow along with the department as we think of new ways to incorporate technology to improve patient health. Who knows what is next? The possibilities are truly endless!

What did you enjoy most about the UIC Masters in Health Informatics degree?

The professors are the best I have ever had – caring, extremely knowledgeable, and accessible. They are true mentors and encouraged me to do the best I possibly could. I never would have finished my research project and had it published had it not been for their constant support and input. All in a very friendly, comfortable atmosphere – both on campus and on-line.

To learn more about this MS in Health Informatics program, click here.

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