Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Clinical research job opportunities for physicians

Some physicians may choose to leave the bedside and pursue careers in the world of clinical research. What types of industries and organizations would be willing to employ you?

Let's take a look at this list or industries/companies/organizations/employment settings:
  • Biotechnology
  • Clinical laboratories
  • Clinical study/investigative site - includes academia/medical research facility
  • Contract research organization (CRO)
  • Drug development/Clinical trials consulting
  • Government
  • Independent CRA (clinical research associate)
  • Medical devices
  • Pharmaceutical sponsor/biopharmaceutical/biologics
  • Trial/Site management organization (TMO/SMO)
So, where do you start? I'd suggest looking at different CROs. There are some small, local CROs that focus on niche therapeutic areas and there are huge CROs that have a global presence. A CRO is a good place to gain experience and to learn about the world of clinical research and the health care industry.

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