Sunday, August 15, 2010

Attend the AMWA conference to learn about medical writing

The AMWA (American Medical Writers Association) conference runs November 11-13 and will be in Milwaukee, WI. If you can't make the national conference, you may want to explore some of the regional meetings that occur within each AMWA chapter.

Membership is $150 for one year. I'd encourage you to join if you're considering a career in medical writing.

Why Join AMWA? Membership benefits more than pay for the cost of dues. Benefits include:

* Career development at all expertise levels
* Continuing education through highly regarded workshops and certificate programs
* Networking with more than 5,600 members in 19 chapters in the US and Canada
* Job opportunities posted online
* Publications including an indexed journal, e-newsletter (AMWA Update ), and books
* Member discounts on meetings, publications, and other products, including free access to MDConsult

Learn more about AMWA at:

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