Saturday, June 12, 2010

Physicians who have a blended career (clinical and non-clinical)

Lately, I've been speaking with many physicians who are creating blended careers. They are working in the clinical setting part-time. They're also working a non-clinical job (or two) part-time. In some cases, they are either consulting or working as independent contractors on different projects and setting their own schedules based on the workload. They continue to see patients a few days each week (or each month), so they get to maintain a clinical career while they pursue non-clinical opportunities.

Medical specialties that allow you to work shifts allow you to create these types of blended careers. What are these specialties? Anesthesia, Emergency Medicine, and Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, or Pediatrics (you can work as a hospitalist or you can work in an ER).

So, what's right for you? If you're feeling burned out from clinical medicine, maybe you need to take a break where you can still maintain some clinical responsibilities.

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  1. I have`found my non-clinical business has allowed me to focus more on my patients without the anxiety of thinking of them as a revenue source.

    Mark S. Schnitzer, M.D.