Friday, June 18, 2010

A growing interest in medical writing and the CME industry

Last night, I attended the AMWA-DVC (American Medical Writers Association - Delaware Valley Chapter) meeting at the Radnor Hotel. The session focused around the CME industry and the panel discussion revolved around writing needs assessments for CME proposals. The panelists discussed topics like clinical gap analysis, educational needs, knowledge deficits, instructional design, and much more.

As I spoke with several people attending the meeting, I realized that there's definitely a growing interest in the CME industry among physicians who wish to leave clinical practice. One of the "entry points" into the medical writing industry is the CME needs assessment. How do you generate a really good needs assessment? Well, it depends on the therapeutic area and the types of resources you have at your disposal.

There are many physicians who have established successful careers as medical writers. You need to know how to start and the American Medical Writers Association is a great organization that can help you get started. To learn more about the CME industry, get involved with the Alliance for CME.

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